First Flight through Week1

After assembly I took my first flight.  As a beginner I instantly learned you shouldn’t have any papers near the copter when you take off or stuff will fly everywhere.  You can instantly see that I overcompensate and go down quick.  The first night I popped off the same propeller twice and chipped it.  Luckily the x4 comes with 4 replacements.  I quickly order more propellers for the long run (link below).  I decided on propellers with as much color as possible, since finding the black propeller did take me some time.  (

By week 2, I was more comfortable hovering, though staying in one place was still very hard.  I tried to land cleanly on a small spot in front of the camera and of course crashed into the camera instead.  It still feels very sensitive to me and not intuitive at all.  I hope to get more time flying it.

Note:  my dogs HATE it when I fly and the small dog will try to bite it out of the air.


Assembly and Setup

Here is a video of getting the copter ready to fly.  As you can see the propeller guard is under the packaging.  It comes shipped with the propellers attached so you actually have to remove them to put the guard on.  Like most quads, you have to make sure you use the right propeller in the right location.  They are labelled A or B and have to be in the right spot to balance everything.  It comes with a tool to pop the propellers off, but I’m just using my hands now.  Maybe if it is too tight you can use the tool?  The small battery took about 40 minutes to charge and seems to fit in one way better than the other.  Finally, you have to calibrate the remote the first time you turn it on.  You can see the lights on the quad blink until it connects with the remote.


The copter is much smaller than I imagined.  I knew it was small, but it is hard to know until you have it right in front of you.  As you can see, the controller itself is larger than the copter.  The controller fits my hands well, though it does feel like a cheap plastic knock off video game controller.  The copter’s rechargeable battery comes with a USB charger that nicely lights up when it is charging and goes away when it is done.  The remote needs four (4) AAA batteries.  As you can see from the picture, the propeller guards are not seen when you open the box.  It is actually attached to the back of the white casing.  I originally though mine was missing until I simply flipped the container over and saw it nicely tucked behind everything.  The instructions seemed simple enough.  We’ll be up in the air soon.

Step One – a learning machine

I’m still deciding if I want to learn how to fly for video or fly for racing.  In either case, it is commonly recommended to start with a small cheap machine to learn on.  So I looked for a few recommendations (which may have been rather old) but decided on a Hubsan X4.  There were a ton of different version of it, but I decided on a cheap version with a camera.

Hubsan X4 (H107C) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quad Copter with Camera – Green/Black

I decided on this, as it was less than $40 and had cheap replacement propellers and extra batteries.

By this time, this machine and videos about it on YouTube are 1-2 years old.  Regardless of if this was the best machine to first get, it is what I decided on.