Rain Rain Go Away

The past week or so it has been raining on and off.  I haven’t been that spontaneous with my flight times so the rain has really prevented me from planning a flight.  Instead, I’ve been enjoying YouTube videos of other people’s experiences with the drone.  A lot of this journey started by just watching Casey Neistat fly his multitude of drones, but other YouTubers have been fun to watch as well.  For example, I’m not subscribed to John Hicks.  His channel is almost entirely BMX in the streets of LA related, which normally, I would never watch.  However, he owns a DJI Mavic and one of his videos involved him getting it stuck in a tree, so it ended up on my suggested video page.  I watched it and I really enjoy his antics and attitude, so now, I’m a subscriber.  His BMX videos are actually pretty fun to watch.  It is cool to roam the streets of LA from a biker’s perspective.

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