A Global Economy

As mentioned, I recently got the DJI Mavic Pro.  Since I made a pretty big investment into it, I wanted to be able to protect it while taking advantage of its greatest selling point, portability.  There were tons of different camera cases and foam cutouts people have been using, but then I found a case specifically made for the drone and the remote.  Since they come in two pieces, it increased the possibilities of how I could transport everything.  If you ever had a ballistic case from Oakley, this is basically the same thing.  It is hard but not fully solid.  It is custom molded and I bought it straight from China where they’re likely starting to manufacture these for users to be sold at retail outlets.  I used the aliexpress website to purchase it and both pieces shipped to Texas was $20, which is not a bad deal for two custom fit cases.

The case comes with the remote case inside the Mavic case in a padded envelope straight from GuangDong.  Since it is custom molded, the top has slots for the remote joysticks, and there is a cutout just for the gimbal.  I’m travelling with the extra battery without a case since it seems pretty sturdy and has no moving parts.  I’ll probably use some type of sleeve for it just around the house or an old sock maybe since I’ve used a sock to store camera gear before.

The case is hard, but not fully foam padded.  It is definitely not for throwing around, but it appears to be enough to hold it in my backpack as I take it places.  Since I travel with a very small backpack, I like that it is in two parts so I can place it where I want.  It gives me some flexibility.

So far, I am very happy with this purchase.  It was cheap and seems to be the perfect solution for me.


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