Let’s Talk Storage

IMG_20170223_134226.jpgI typically don’t like super large storage because I’m afraid a card will go bad and I’ll lose everything that I have.  This actually has never happened to me, but since smaller storage is usually cheaper anyway, I still typically buy smaller storage over larger storage.  Unless I’m on a mountain snowboarding, changing out an SD card is that that big of a deal.

However, up until I received the Mavic, I haven’t really shot anything larger than 1080.  I think now that I’m starting to shoot with 4k on the Mavic, I may move to 4k on the GoPro as well.  The Mavic actually ships with a Lexar 16GB card, which is nice.  I already have two 32GB versions of the same card.  I’ve created 3 files so far on the Mavic and they are:

  1. 3 minutes 45 seconds at 1.56 GB
  2. 9 minutes 6 seconds at 3.80 GB
  3. 1 minute 59 seconds at 851 MB

The last two I think the Mavic just split into two files.  I’m not sure if there is a file size cap or not that is causing it, but it was one single video from my second flight.  As you can see, the 16GB card would probably be enough to get an entire battery’s worth of flight video at the current resolution I’m shooting (3840×2160 at 24fps).  I’ll probably just start using the U3 SanDisk now anyway, but I don’t think running out of storage will be an issue.  I even use two of these 32GB cards in dashcams for my wife and myself.

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