To the great outdoors

I decided indoor flying was too safe and took my tiny machine outside into the elements.  On the first try, I didn’t have any recording equipment set up but it was disastrous.  As soon as I left the safe area of the balcony, the wind sent it way to the left and I had a moment of panic.  Not wanting it to land on any cars or on someone’s roof, I cut the power and let it drop from the about the height of the palm tree down just past the fountain you can see in the video thumbnail below.  Luckily no damage occurred and the arms popped up like they should.

The second attempt, I waited until there was almost no wind.  Of course, as I was flying the weather got darker and some wind did pick up.  I did know what to expect so I was able to keep it relatively close, but I had to fight the wind constantly.  The drone is so small and light it really doesn’t have enough weight or power to fight much.

Here is a video of how crazy it was and also some shots from the drone itself.  I slowed it down so you wouldn’t throw up watching the rocky footage.

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