First Flight through Week1

After assembly I took my first flight.  As a beginner I instantly learned you shouldn’t have any papers near the copter when you take off or stuff will fly everywhere.  You can instantly see that I overcompensate and go down quick.  The first night I popped off the same propeller twice and chipped it.  Luckily the x4 comes with 4 replacements.  I quickly order more propellers for the long run (link below).  I decided on propellers with as much color as possible, since finding the black propeller did take me some time.  (

By week 2, I was more comfortable hovering, though staying in one place was still very hard.  I tried to land cleanly on a small spot in front of the camera and of course crashed into the camera instead.  It still feels very sensitive to me and not intuitive at all.  I hope to get more time flying it.

Note:  my dogs HATE it when I fly and the small dog will try to bite it out of the air.



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